Type Specimen Book

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Final type specimen book PDF




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Progressive Variables 7

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Making Connections Final

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Making Connections

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Rough draft.

Menu of Options

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I decided to remake the menu of my favorite ramen place located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.  The place is called Daikokuya and has locations all over the LA area. They specialize in one type of ramen and serve it all day until its gone, which can happen due to the long lines of people waiting to get in.

Project requirements:

“Work in one page or a spread. Use 2 fonts only (like a serif and sans serif) and up to 3 colors. Bars, rules, reversals, alignment, logical positioning, leading, kerning, tracking, U & L case, weight changes (choose a font with a big family) are okay, but no images and no effects.”

The menu before:

My new take on the menu: